Animaze Virtual Background Contest

Animaze Virtual Background Contest

Design Your Own Virtual Background for a Chance to be Featured in Animaze and Win a $100 Steam Gift Card!

Contest Overview:

Hello and welcome artists, illustrators, streamers, and content creators! To celebrate the launch of Animaze, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Live2D to bring you the Animaze Virtual Background Contest. We’re giving YOU the opportunity to win awesome prizes by creating your own virtual backgrounds for Animaze avatars and sharing them on Twitter! 

Here’s How it Works:

Create your own virtual background with your favorite illustration or graphics editing software (and test it in Animaze!). Your background can be any original 2D creation - a scene/setting, a cool graphic design, or even a stylized photograph. 

Follow @animazefacerig and @Live2D on Twitter, then share your virtual background on Twitter with the hashtags #MyAnimazeBackground and #contest between November 24 and December 15 to enter. Even better if you share a screenshot of your background with an Animaze avatar on top! 

5 winners (chosen by Holotech & Live2D) will have their virtual backgrounds featured in Animaze and receive a $100 Steam gift card!

On December 21, we’ll announce the winners!

NOTE: You must be a resident of Japan or the USA to enter

We look forward to seeing great inspiring works from all of you! Go get creative and amaze with Animaze!

If you have any questions about the contest or Animaze in general, join our Discord server, @ us on Twitter, or email us at

Read on for detailed information about the contest!


Holotech Studios & Live2D

Contest FAQ and More Information:

What is a Virtual Background?

Every Animaze avatar needs a virtual background - the scenery or backdrop on which an avatar is displayed. In Animaze, you can use ANY 2D image or illustration as a virtual background. Virtual backgrounds can include scenes or settings (such as an office, outer space, or a sunny field), graphic designs, or anything else you can imagine. Make sure you design your virtual backgrounds with an avatar in mind!

Virtual Background Example:

Animaze Avatar on a Virtual Background:

How do I Enter the Virtual Background Contest?

All you have to do is follow @animazefacerig and @Live2D on Twitter, create your own original virtual background, and share it from your Twitter account with the hashtags #MyAnimazeBackground and #Contest. If you can, share 2 images: one with the virtual background, and one with an Animaze avatar on top! Virtual background submissions should be .png files with dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels. To verify the originality of your submissions, we may ask you to provide source files for your virtual backgrounds as well.

When Should I Post my Submissions On Twitter?

Submissions must be posted to Twitter with the hashtag #MyAnimazeBackground and #Contest between Tuesday November 24th (6PM GMT +3) and Tuesday December 15th, 2020 (6PM GMT +3) to be eligible to win.

What should my Virtual Background Look Like?

It’s completely up to you! Just let your creativity takeover and design a background that you would like thousands of people to use on Animaze. You can create your virtual background submissions in whatever illustration, photography, or image creation program you prefer (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP). Submissions can utilize any art style and creative direction. We recommend that you design your background with avatars in mind and test your backgrounds in Animaze while you’re working on them! 

What Prizes Can I Win?

5 winners will have their virtual backgrounds featured within Animaze (with attribution), on a special shelf showcasing the winning submissions! These winners will get their work in front of thousands of Animaze users who can entertain others by broadcasting the winning virtual backgrounds in their avatar streams and video chats

Winners will also receive a $100 Steam gift card. These individuals will be selected by Holotech and Live2D based on judgements of the backgrounds’ originality, design quality, and usability.

When Will Winners Be Announced?

The winners will be announced on the official Animaze Twitter account (@animazefacerig) on Monday, December 21st. Winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter after the close of the entry period.

Additional Submission & Design Guidelines:

You must be a resident of the United States or Japan to enter

Submissions must be static 2D images (.png or JPEG) in 16:9 aspect ratio with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Multiple entries are allowed - create and submit as many works as you’d like! However, each submitter can only win once.

You may collaborate with others on your work.  Only 1 prize will be awarded to a winning submission regardless of how many people created it

Submissions must come from public Twitter accounts to be eligible to win. We must be able to see your post to count it.

Submissions must be original works. Reusing or submitting others’ work is not allowed.

Submissions must be posted during the entry period to be eligible to win

Selected winners must promptly respond to Twitter direct messages informing you that you have won. If you do not respond promptly, your prize may be forfeited and awarded to another submission.

You cannot transfer or give the winning rights to a third party.

If your Twitter account is deleted or inaccessible when winners are announced, you will not be eligible.

By posting a submission with the hashtag #MyAnimazeBackground, you acknowledge the indefinite right of Holotech Inc. and Live2D Inc. to use it in Animaze as a virtual background as well as for publicity of this contest.

See our full terms and conditions here:

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